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Bringing scientists together with a collective database of research samples.


What is Otlet?

Haphazard opportunities to collaborate leave research teams with thousands of unused biological research samples, either waiting in storage, or discarded every year; wasting money, time and opportunities for world-class research.

Otlet provides an online database where scientists can submit a record of their sharable research samples, search ones available from other teams, and request them from colleagues around the world. 


How it works



Upload a record of your unused, sharable research samples onto the database


Search & Enquire

Search available samples and enquire about them directly from the contributing scientist



Can't find what you are looking for? Post a request about the samples you need


Focus your time and money on what really matters

Sign up to Otlet and gain access to a database of research samples.


eDNA is a rapidly growing tool, with unique sample collection and sharing opportunities. In order to create an effective tool for eDNA scientists, we want to hear from scientists who would like to use this feature.

Register your interest and help us determine what information we should include by clicking the button and completing the form (3 minutes).

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